The different shapes of the body pillows are available according to the requirement of the person. The common shapes include:


I. C-shaped

• C-shaped is the common type of body pillow and resembles much to the standard type pillows. It looks like c when placed horizontally. The person keeps the legs between the body of the pillow and rests his head on top of the pillow
• it helps in relaxing the spine and a good choice in pregnancy. The pillow is also good after pregnancy and gives supports while feeding the baby.
• The pillow is best for those who sleep on their sides. As the top of the pillow is used for supporting the head so there is no need of purchasing an extra pillow.
• One of the cons of the c-shaped pillow is that it is massive and bulky. It is hard to take during traveling. That’s why it is the most expensive type of the body pillow.


It is the most comfortable pillow used for different disease conditions.
It is helpful for nursing mothers
The pillow is used for every body part.
It is best for those who want to sleep on their side.


C-shaped body pillows are bulky and large in size and are not easy to store
The price is bit expensive

II. U-shaped

• The u-shape resemble c shape but it provides support for both sides of the body. The person has to fit between the space provided by the legs of the pillow. It is also good for pregnant women and for those suffering from the back pain.
• The person who loves to sleep on the back can easily enjoy this pillow.
• Like c shape it is bulky and the person does not take with him while traveling.
• The cost is a bit high as compare to other body pillows.


The person gets support related to money as it provides support to all parts of the body.
The pillow provides the support on both sides of the body
It provides the comprehensive support to all parts of the body including head


Bulky size is difficult to store
The price is a bit higher as compared to other pillows.

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