If you are suffering from ragged yellow nails, there are some ways to get rid of them! It may be frustrating to see that no matter how much lotion or clear polish you use, they still look…ugly. Surprising, your diet has a lot to do with the outcome and health of your nails. By giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, you will notice a lot of great changes to your body, including your nails. You must keep the healthy diet consistent to nurture your entire body to health. In case you didn’t know, your nails show how healthy you are, so if you have dry, brittle, yellow nails – that goes to show ya!

Treat Dry, Brittle, Yellow Nails

For starters, you can begin by taking your vitamins. If you have nails that look unhealthy, it is possible that they are lacking the vitamins or minerals they need. B-complex vitamins are essential to supplying ridges along the nail bed. The dryness in your nails causes when there is a lack of calcium. Milk and dairy products can really make your bones and nails healthier! If your diet is lacking folic acid and vitamin C, it will cause unwanted hangnails. Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids that are missing can cause nails to crack and pit. When your nails are becoming thin and concave, this is due to iron deficiency. Then as you grow older, the sallow yellow color comes into play.

So as you can see, it is very important for you to treat your nails by treating yourself with a healthier diet. By just consuming the right amount of vitamins and minerals can add health and life to your hair, nails and skin. If you take a look at the color underneath your nails – they should be a healthy pink rosy color, a smooth and curved surface with a half moon – if you see white spots, dents, discoloration, lines, ridges and other abnormal features, these could be signs of a telltale…heart disease, anemia or diabetes. It is important that you consult with your doctor right away if you notice severe changes in your nails, such as in thickness, color or texture.

You should eat the following vitamins five times per day:

  • Vitamin C – oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits
  • Calcium – almonds, dark and green veggies and dairy
  • Vitamin B – kidney, fish and eggs (organ meat)
  • Folic acid – orange juice, whole grains and green veggies
  • Fatty acids – fatty fish, tuna, salmon, nuts and seeds

Your nails, like your skin and hair, indicate your health. If these aren’t looking and doing so great, then there’s something wrong internally. You should go down the checklist to determine what could possibly be wrong. You can consult with your physician to determine if your brittle yellow nails is a sign of a serious underlying condition.

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