Description: looking for top 5 amazing UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 so you can rock all your night? Here you will get the idea about your hairstyles doubts and queries relevantly.


It seems that prom nights are the perfect chance to show your hairstyles in front of all your class mates because you get an opportunity which you don’t get in your classroom to show how much beautiful you look. As you can see every year the trend is changing and you won’t have to worry about the party and theme. Some girls might wonder which outfit they want to wear that can match with their hairstyles for the special event. You have to look elegant and fashionable and your hair can play a very important role in it as well.

An average high school girl only knows how to make UPDOS for long hair and she can’t go with the same hairstyle in the prom night to get booed again and feel embarrassed. You don’t need to worry about this call for a new change where your average hairstyle remains the same and only a few things can make the big difference.

long hair

That is why below we have listed some real facts about top 5 amazing UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 you can choose to rock your night to help you understand how much the trend has changed for all the young ladies to look classy and bold, and why these new hairstyle in UPDOS you need to consider in the first place.

1) Braided tangled crown UPDO:

So you want to look amazing then you should try this hairstyle, braids make a perfect thing for dancing, creating a look with extra texture. After making an UPDO then wrap the hair into it looking like a crown and then use bobby pin and hair spray to hold it. You also need on Christmas day.

2) Upside down brain bun UPDO:

When a prom night is concern you always need to embrace the opportunity and experiment with your hair. Take a section of your hair and round into a bun, in that that your long hair won’t be a matter makes you attractive in every way possible.

3) Big curly UPDO style:

If you have curls then it doesn’t matter, you can achieve a greater style by undone the braided bun and make a big curly UPDO, your long hair can give an edge in that particular segment. It makes you look cute and modern at the same time.

4) Straight floral curled UPDO:

Mostly UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 goes this might can give you the shape. First make an UPDO and then lose all the hair from sides and spread them in little strands making like curled. You can wear a flower band to make it more fascinating.

5) Lower pearled UPDO style:

If you are in the hunt for a prom hairstyle, then this UPDO will give you a thick and stunning look. Get rid of the lower bun and turn it into a pearled braid and usually mix them together and attach little flower balls in it for shine.

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