We all used to drool over Kate Moss and her skinny frame, didn’t we? The woman set a new ideal of beauty and made an even skinner statement than Twiggy did.Her infamous quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” raised more than a few eyebrows and called for a public discussion concerning young girls starving themselves slender/skinny, hoping they’ll resemble Ms Kate even a little. What Kate did so effortlessly, millions of girls out there were killing themselves for (some of them, unfortunately, literally as a result of anorexia and bulimia) and all for what? To learn, just a few decades after, that an hourglass shape will never get overthrown by a skinny banana-figure. So sad.


Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to set an hourglass as trending; then came Kate Moss (but we already talked about that), and then – Kim Kardashian happened. At the time when Paris Hilton figure-like girls dominated the scene, a curvaceous Kardashian walked the red carpet and the world stopped for a moment. How dared she have curves at the time when it was unacceptable to look like nothing else but a lollypop or a banana! But she did dare; and, owing to that – we now have an army of girls celebrating their curves and priding on their hourglass gorgeousness.

For all of you chicas who are looking to give your narrow figure a little hip and booty, or simply enhance what your mama gave you, we’re giving you a few helpful tips to stir you in the right direction.

Cheat your way to a sexier shape with proper nutrition

All the hours at the gym mean nothing unless you are eating right. You can never out-train a bad diet, with your body still storing fat unless proper foods are consumed.


You don’t necessarily need to choose low calorie foods.Rather opt for high-quality meals filled with veggies, proteins healthy fats and fibers. Further, to lose weight and promote your hourglass shape, you should quit sugar altogether, as well as all the drinks that are sugar-based. The same goes for deep-fried foods and processed sugars and fats. Eat fiber foods as they’ll promote digestion and help you get rid of the toxins in your body. Consuming a lot of water is key, too – especially for the girls who want to get rid of the extras on their waist.

Move for an hourglass figure

Once you hit the gym, focus on the exercises that will attack the parts of your body which store the most fluids and fat, and work on slimming those parts down. Tighten and tone your way to a curvy, sexy body by doing side plank lifts, plank with hip drop, twisting v-up, side plank with leg lift, and plank with leg kick.Obviously, by doing super powerful exercises for glutes, you’ll give them a plump, round shape (nobody enjoys a pancake butt, sorry!).


Consider surgical help

Are we still getting shocked that people are turning to cosmetic surgery for help when it comes to “repairing” things they don’t like about themselves? Well, we shouldn’t. Surgeons are there to help us feel better about ourselves by working on our body/face with utmost care and knowledge.

Chasing after a perfect body shape, most girls are undergoing breast augmentation surgery, liposuction (especially around the waist) and buttocks enhancement. Fat grafting procedures where fat is “transplanted” from one part of the body to the other are common, too.

Experts in breast augmentation from Sydney agree that there indeed are patients who get addicted to surgical procedures but that’s something an experienced and qualified surgeon knows how to detect and deflect.

Rely on body shapers

These days, there’s rarely a girl out there who doesn’t own a pair of shapers that tighten her up in all the right places, smooth out bumps, enhance all the right parts and slim down all that need slimming. While back in the Victorian era, corsets and shapers seriously endangered women’s health (women, at the time, suffered from problems with breathing, internal bleeding and pressed organ damage, not to mention scaring on the surface of the skin), these days – corsets and other shapers are made of natural materials and are super safe. So, wearing a shaper can only do some visual good for your figure.

Enjoy your sexy body and follow our advice to enhance all that gorgeousness.


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