In a world of great expectations, constantly missed deadlines, overpopulated countries and trains that never arrive on time, it’s a true wonder to be alive and successful.

For all of us girls who are used to keeping their lives in order, killing it on the business front and looking fabulous while doing it, it’s a constant battle managing to do it all, isn’t it?

Still, being the lionesses of the modern jungle, we know how to do stuff right. Personally, I’ve made so many things happen by simply relying on my persistence, decisiveness and focus that sometimes I feel like there’s not a thing in this world I can’t do. I bet you feel the same. But hey – everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.

Girls envy one another, women – support each other.
In that manner, from one woman to another, I am giving you some amazing tips that will help you stay on top of your fashion and beauty regimens and, at the same time, won’t interfere with your busy calendar.

Maintain a routine

Research shows our brains run faster and more productively when we live a routine-basedlife; while the word “routine” does sound a bit dull and uninspiring, truth is – there’s nothing as amazing as staying focused on it. Why? First, you are saving time on repeated planning of the drill for the next day. If you already know what steps you’ll be taking and in what order after you wake up, you’ve saved yourself at least an hour planning things for the day. Second, you are getting more done. Third, you’re keeping yourself happy by repeating things that are encouraging your emotional and psychological joy. It’s wonderful!

Shop online

Shopping online is the perfect way to save time browsing through the stores in your home city. Plus, you are more likely to find cuts and fashion that hasn’t still arrived in the local boutiques and stun everyone wherever you show up. From fabulous dresses online to skirts, pants, shoes and accessories, you can find virtually anything you want simply by typing in a few keywords. And guess what? You can do all of the purchasing on your 20-minute lunch break. How freaking amazing is that?!


Long lasting regimens

For those of us who are wearing makeup on regular basis, doing makeup is such a waste of time – yet a necessity. Let’s all thank the beauty industry for coming up with the amazingness that is permanent makeup! I strongly recommend it.

permanent_makeup eyebrows

Darkening your eyebrows every morning prior to leaving the house can be frustrating, too as not only the brows may end up looking weirdly uneven but you’ll waste at least 30 minutes doing it.

I’ve got my lips done with permanent makeup and I had my eyebrows done in Japanese tattoo. Since undergoing these treatments it’s taking me 10 minutes to get ready for work and I always look fab (I know, I am not supposed to say that about myself – but it’s true).

Go waxing regularly (or go to a laser hair removal treatment) instead of wasting time shaving, straighten out your curls doing permanent hair treatments instead of spending at least an hour with a hair straightener in your hand (and risking burns on the face). When you’ve got the time – squeeze in a facial; it’ll keep your skin looking fresh, young and glowing.


What’s very important in this “permanent regimens” drill is to have people you trust around you; it’s such a bliss going to your cosmetician without saying a little prayer first, hoping she won’t scar your face (or the rest of your skin) for life.

Ask for help

If you’re well aware you simply can’t manage to do some stuff around the house, I am sure you won’t be doing them anyhow at a cost of missing a deadline at work or leaving the house looking… well, unattractive. If your budget allows it, hire help that would come in once or twice a week and tidy things up. This will save you an immense amount of time and you’ll have a sparkling home to come to. If, however, your budget doesn’t allow such (supposed) extravagance, ask your partner, a friend, your mother, mother-in-law, or whoever you trust to help out from time to time; they should be more than happy to assist you in need.

Good luck, dolls… keep on killin’ it!

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