From genetic disorders to those caused by different environmentalfactors, there are various skin conditions that can affect people in any given time. While there are some skinconditions which are quite curable and easily regulated, there are those that can cause some major health problems later on. Depending on the severity and type of the condition, these disorders are known to be quite unpleasant and troublesome. Of course, identifying the type of disorder is the first step towards getting better, so it’simportant to get familiar with some of the most common skin issues which affect people and useful advice on how to deal with them.


Contrary to what most people believe, acne and pimples don’t affect solelyadolescents. While hormones play a major role in the development of acne, and that’s why these outbreaks are mostly expressed during puberty, there are also other factors whichare known to influence the appearance of acne and pimples.


Unbalanced nutrition and a generally unhealthy lifestyle are also factors which can cause these outbreaks. This is whyit’s importantto detoxify the body from all the toxins and introduce essential minerals, vitamins and plenty of water into your diet plan, so you would be able to cleanse your skin form these tedious flare-ups.


Eczema, also known as dermatitis is a skin condition which causes rough, blistered patches of skin, followed by an extreme itching sensation and bleeding. It’s not quite clear what the main cause of eczema is, but it’s presumed to be a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. And while certain types of dermatitis are known to be permanently incurable, other less severe types can be managed by maintaining regular hygiene and moisturizing the skin to avoid drying it out. In some more severe cases, patients are advised to take medication.


Characterized by an uneven skin tone and darkened areas of the skin, hyperpigmentation is a disorder caused by the overproduction of the skin pigment called melanin. The reasons for increased levels of melanin in the skin are various, but the most common are surely overexposure to the sun, hereditary factors and hormonal changes. There’s no known cure for hyperpigmentation, but this condition can be regulated by regularly applying sunscreen with a good SPF and choosing skin care products which contain glycolic and lactic acid.



While this skin condition can affect anyone, it mostly affects women, especially pregnant women. It represents a dark skin discoloration on differentareas of the face, mostly nose, cheeks, forehead and the area above the upper lip. The most effective ways of treating melasma are various cosmetic treatments which cause a gradual fading of these tanned patches.

There are various reasons for the appearance of these skin conditions, but they’re mostly a combination of different hereditary and environmental factors. And while you can’t win a battle against genetics, you can make the most of modern medicine and create a considerable difference for your skin and body.

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