For some reason, we’re all dreading the big 3-0, when in fact – that’s the time to be alive. While the 20s were exciting in their own right (no dispute there, really), the 30s are more of a reward for all the negative and drama you had to experience growing up.

Even though I’ve just stepped into my 30s, I feel like there’s been a shift, a meaningful motion to better, an upgrade to all things that have existed so far. It still resonates in my head an honest and completely abrupt uttering of a friend a few years back.We were just sitting and talking (we were 27 at the time) and she said with hope and subtle excitement in her voice “I can’t wait till I am 30. I feel like that’s the age when none of this ridiculous BS matters – no insecurities, no drama, no broken hearts, no nothing. Just a me, a me I’ve worked on building. I am seriously looking forward to it”. And you know what? She was right.

My journey through the 30s has taught me a lot so far, and I am grateful it is so.

Everything about my body

All the dieting and exercising obsessions fall into water with your newly-gained 30s confidence.No, you are not giving up on being healthy, fit and physically active but rather – you are taking a different approach to things. Dieting to ‘fit that dress for her birthday’ or exercising ‘because you have a date in two weeks and you need to shed some extra’ doesn’t figure any longer. This time around, you finally begin doing things for you, and you only. You are also getting conscious about your body shape; you have the maturity to accept it and work on it. Negative self-talk is almost non-existent because you are finally understanding who you are and how amazing everything about your journey is.

All about self-respect

You’ll say goodbye to laments over lost loves, broken friendships and difficult friendships. Your 30s are when you start gaining self-respect.The feeling is close to puzzle pieces falling into place and giving you a glance at the bigger picture. You suddenly start observing the world with your eyes wide open and you have the strength to let go of toxic things and fight for what’s worth. It’s amazing. Even better, you get to realize that with things you’ve let go of – nothing is lost, but all is gained.


Beauty is in me

Something I’ve been reading all throughout my 20s but never fully understood till I entered the 30s is that, in order to look good, you need to feel it on the inside. Merging your inner and outer beauty results in a glowing, gorgeous individual who is ready to take on the world… the feeling is fantastic. I’ve made it my business to be more conscious about the beauty products I use (unlike my naïve 20s, the 30s are going for strictly organic, non-animal tested products, such as Ultraceuticals), the foods I eat (bye-bye fried fast foods and sugars) and contents I read (all those self-help books I used to buy back in the day are now actively collecting dust bunnies on the shelves).

Relationships and parenting

The society imposed pressure to get married, have kids and settle down used to mess with my emotional confidence, my psyche and, overall, my relationships. I would enter relationships just to make everyonehappy and step away from the ‘single frenzy’.  When you turn 30, you realize the society (and by society I mean your parents, aunts, brothers, sisters and the rest of the concerned party) aren’t the ones who’ll be living your relationship till the rest of your days, but you will. So, I had a little talk with myself and realized – it’s okay to be single, it’s okay not wanting the drama, it’s okay not spooning over random babies in strollers… it’s all okay. Wait till you feel it, and even if you never do – that’s okay, too.


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