Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so it’s completely understandable that couples want their nuptials to stand out as much as possible.

With the popularity of outdoor weddings on the rise, it can be tricky to find a way to add an extra bit of something to your big day to make it the event that you and your guests remember for a lifetime.

Outdoor Wedding

If you can relate, keep reading for our quick guide to adding a special touch to your outdoor wedding so that your big day goes down in history.

Get luxury loos

Outdoor weddings are quaint and classy, but they’re not without their problems: there’s nothing more irritating for your guests than having to trek indoors whenever they want to use the facilities (and with the drinks flowing, they will be wanting to use the loos frequently) but standard portaloos aren’t always easy on the eye.

To combat this, you can get in touch with a company such as Event Washrooms who can provide you with modern and stylish portable toilet cubicles which will ensure that you and your guests receive the height of comfort on your wedding day.

Set the mood

Setting the right mood for your wedding can make all the difference for you and your guests and one of the best ways in which you can do that is by utilising lighting. If you want your wedding to have a peaceful and intimate feel, opt for dim lighting but, if you want your wedding to have a lively vibe, you should definitely go for some brighter lighting.

You have so many opportunities to make the most of the lighting at your wedding with the existence of companies like Light It Up UK who offer you their expertise in outdoor lighting.

You can opt for light up lettering, spelling out words such as ‘LOVE’, or you can have yours and your partner’s initials in lights. You can even choose to have lit up chalk boards or festoon lighting so, whatever feel you want your wedding to have, lighting is a great way to achieve it.

Think about the weather

When you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s so important to be conscious of the weather. Depending on the season in which you get married, your wedding day may fall on a particularly warm or cool day – being attentive to this allows you to add a special touch.

On a warmer day, giving out sunglasses or flip flops, such as these from Wedding Flip Flops, as wedding favours is a great way in which you can help your guests to combat the heat throughout the day. Similarly, it wouldn’t be too taxing to have your wedding programs to be adhered to sticks so that they double up as fans.

If you’re going to be getting wed on a cold day, providing blankets for your guests is a simple way to keep them warm, but they’ll definitely appreciate it!

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