2016 has been a great year for fashion with some really cool styles going on in the mainstream fashion arena as well as some edgy new styles seen on the catwalk in the later part of 2016.

If we look at the fashion forecast for 2016 (source: https://www.wgsn.com/blogs/trend-forecast-for-ss-2016-catwalk-season/) we can see that there were some cool styles predicted and most of them have been very popular. For example, there has been a lot of people wearing Victorian style clothing, floral designs have been very much in for 2016 and we have seen colours such as red, indigo and blush tones such as peach nougat showing popularity.

Fashion Styles

So as we move towards 2017 what are the up and coming trends that are going to be seen on the catwalk and in the high streets in 2017?

We have put together the top 5 styles that are currently on the up and that we predict as being very popular by Spring 2017.

1 – The smart jumpsuit

This is an outfit that has just about started to show up in fashionista circles in 2016 but will be extremely popular in 2017. The jumpsuit originated as the onesie and was seen much more as a comical outfit that should be worn indoors but was worn outside by a very small minority. However, this garment has now been refined into a form that is much more smart looking – the jumpsuit. We predict that in 2017 there will be all sorts of jumpsuits available in the high street clothing outlets and that they will be much more mainstream and accepted as smart wear.


2 – The wedgie

The wedgie is a type of jean that has become popular in the plus size fashion niche (source: http://plussizewomensclothing.org.uk/plus-size-jeans/) but we believe that in 2017 this will become a mainstream fashion as well. The wedgie is a style of jeans very similar to the high waisted trend that we have seen in 2016. Wedgie jeans are made to sit very high on the waist producing a wedgie like feel. This style of jeans is supposed to accentuate the wearers natural curves as well as pull up the buttocks.

3 – Rustic patterns

In 2016 we have seen that Victorian style designs have been very much in and this has included lots of floral designs. We predict that for 2017 this Victorian style will be refined into something more modern. This will come in the form of more rustic designs – lots of sands, umbers and other subtle colours will be used with a combination of floral and tribal like patterns to produce a modern equivalent of the Victorian look that we have seen in 2016.

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