How about the fact you’ve turned thirty a few months ago but you’re still absolutely unable to shake off the twenties vibe? We’ve all been there, doll… and the more you’re prolonging the face-off with reality, the harder (and more ridiculous) it gets. We say you grab your thirties by the horns and show the world what you’re made of! Naturally, this means adjusting most of your living habits to the big 3-0, but that’s okay. We’ll guide you through some of it – fashion no-nos, to be more precise – at least this time around.

Without any further ado, let’s dig into your closet and see what clothes you should immediately get rid of!

School girl plaid skirts

No matter how amazing your legs look, sporting a plaid skirt anywhere but the bedroom in one of your seductive games is a big no-no. Sure, 30s aren’t really THAT different than your 20s – in theory; in reality, the 30s are that moment in time when you are turning from a girl to a self-confident, respectful individual. Don’t let yourself look ridiculous, please.


Platform flip flops

No idea why you’ve been wearing those while still in your twenties, but hey – we all make mistakes; anyhow, as long you don’t keep repeating those mistakes, you are good to go. Platform flip flops are such fashion faux pas that there should be jail time sentenced to anyone who dares wear them. Your thirties? Definitely not the time to try them on!


Short shorts and mini skirts

We get you want to show off your hot pair of legs but we’d advise you kept your leg pride tied to the beach or the gym. While it was perfectly fine to go out in just your shorts and a T in your twenties, thirties are more serious than that. If you are really keen on showing what your mama gave you (or what hours at the gym have resulted in), wear a longer version of shorts, mid-thigh or just above the knee.

shot shorts

The same applies to miniskirts; you are no longer a 20-something girly who is on her seductive hunt for the guy. Instead of strutting the streets in a mini (and embarrassing yourself in the process), wear cocktail dresses that are age-appropriate but incredibly chic at the same time. Worn in interesting cuts and bold patterns, cocktail dresses are making a bigger statement about your sexiness than minis ever would.

Tutu skirts

We loved Carrie Bradshaw in her sweet little tutu, didn’t we? But, that was Carrie Bradshaw. You are no Carrie Bradshaw so forget all about tutu extravaganza, especially if you are living somewhere modest where fences are picket white and neighbors actually say “hello” to one another. If you love your tutu too much to donate it, wash it and stash it somewhere for your daughter to wear when she’s old enough.


Tights and spanx

No. Forget it. Worn anywhere other than the gym, these will look trashy and cheap, especially on a grown as* woman like yourself. Replace your tights and spanx with fitted jeans that emphasize your gorgeous figure – they’ll give you a youthful vibe while keeping things classy and appropriate.


Forget all about the stigma that 30 is old and that you’ll look younger if you are wearing “young pieces”. You WON’T. You’ll only look desperate, and that’s not what you want, right?

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