Selection Of The Skinny Jeans

A skinny jean is a jean for women, which effectively illustrating the long, thin and beautiful legs. Wearing skinny jeans shouldn’t be a complicated affair; there is really only one styling rule. Choose the ones you like best, and that fit you just like a second skin. Matching with the ankle boots, your legs can even make your legs looking slender. In this article, we will explain the selection of the skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Skinny jeans are fashion jeans end with small opening at the leg, snug fitting through legs. The skinny jeans have several names such as drain pipes, tight pants, stove pipes, etch. Since the skinny jeans have small openings at the end, wearing the fashion jeans at the first time shall have difficulties.

The purpose of wearing skinny jeans is to show the long and slender legs, illustrating one of the women characteristics. There is a wide variety of selections for the skinny jeans. Here we will explain several factors when buying the fashion jeans.


Selection of the colors is important to match with different occasion. For instance, if you are going to wear the fashion jeans on the street, blue jeans shall be the best option for you, which are handsome style. In addition, if you would like to wear the skinny jeans at the office, you are recommended to wear black jeans. In addition to the fashion, it can show certain degree of professional towards your colleagues and customers.

Most skinny jeans do not have accessories. Since the fashion jeans are designed to be tight, having the accessories might make the customers uncomfortable. On the other hand, some skinny jeans have zippers at the end of the leg. The zippers have practical purpose for users to pull the jeans over feet.
skinny1 skinny
Balmain Black Moto Skinny Jeans (right), Sandro Propos Jeans (left)

AG Skinny Jeans fall/winter

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