A Quick Guide to Adding a Special Touch to Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so it’s completely understandable that couples want their nuptials to stand out as much as possible.

With the popularity of outdoor weddings on the rise, it can be tricky to find a way to add an extra bit of something to your big day to make it the event that you and your guests remember for a lifetime.

Outdoor Wedding

If you can relate, keep reading for our quick guide to adding a special touch to your outdoor wedding so that your big day goes down in history.

Get luxury loos

Outdoor weddings are quaint and classy, but they’re not without their problems: there’s nothing more irritating for your guests than having to trek indoors whenever they want to use the facilities (and with the drinks flowing, they will be wanting to use the loos frequently) but standard portaloos aren’t always easy on the eye.

To combat this, you can get in touch with a company such as Event Washrooms who can provide you with modern and stylish portable toilet cubicles which will ensure that you and your guests receive the height of comfort on your wedding day.

Set the mood

Setting the right mood for your wedding can make all the difference for you and your guests and one of the best ways in which you can do that is by utilising lighting. If you want your wedding to have a peaceful and intimate feel, opt for dim lighting but, if you want your wedding to have a lively vibe, you should definitely go for some brighter lighting.

You have so many opportunities to make the most of the lighting at your wedding with the existence of companies like Light It Up UK who offer you their expertise in outdoor lighting.

You can opt for light up lettering, spelling out words such as ‘LOVE’, or you can have yours and your partner’s initials in lights. You can even choose to have lit up chalk boards or festoon lighting so, whatever feel you want your wedding to have, lighting is a great way to achieve it.

Think about the weather

When you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s so important to be conscious of the weather. Depending on the season in which you get married, your wedding day may fall on a particularly warm or cool day – being attentive to this allows you to add a special touch.

On a warmer day, giving out sunglasses or flip flops, such as these from Wedding Flip Flops, as wedding favours is a great way in which you can help your guests to combat the heat throughout the day. Similarly, it wouldn’t be too taxing to have your wedding programs to be adhered to sticks so that they double up as fans.

If you’re going to be getting wed on a cold day, providing blankets for your guests is a simple way to keep them warm, but they’ll definitely appreciate it!

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3 Reasons to Get Married in the Lake District

Married in the Lake District

The day you get married is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life so, of course, the location is crucial. With beauty and intimacy at its core, the Lake District is the perfect location in which to marry, honeymoon, or simply enjoy a romantic getaway.

With sparkling lakes, peaceful meadows, and a whole load of northern charm, if you haven’t already considered the Lake District as your wedding destination, here are three reasons why you should.

Married in the Lake District

The honeymoon

With the popularity of staycations on the rise, it’s hardly a surprise that the Lake District is a popular honeymoon destination. Home to some of the most beautiful walks and scenery in Britain, the Lake District is the perfect place for any newlywed couple (and even their wedding guests!) to wind down after the nuptials.

It doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself as a pro hiker or if you just like to go for an afternoon stroll, there are plenty of walks available through the hills and fells. For the more adventurous, there’s plenty of exciting activities to be found in the Lakes, such as kayaking and other watersports.

It’s no secret that the scenery in the Lake District is spectacular, so starting married life amongst the tranquillity of rolling hills and serene waters is just what a stressed couple needs after months of wedding planning – and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of going abroad!

The venues

For the height of intimacy and class on your wedding day, the Lake District boasts a great many wedding venues which will match your needs perfectly, many of which will come fully equipped with their own wedding planners to take the pressure off you and your beau.

We spoke to one venue ho said: “We offer the ideal location in which to host your wedding: high-quality rooms, the distant but romantic sound of water rushing into Lake Windermere, and a well-versed team of staff who will ensure that your big day runs smoothly.”

The food

The food you serve your guests on your wedding day will leave a lasting impression and what better place is there to find high-quality locally sourced food than the Lakes?

The Lake District is becoming more and more well known for its food in recent years and, home to Michelin-starred restaurants and top-notch locally sourced produce, the eateries in the Lakes leave nothing to be desired.

In fact, Lake District Country Hotels celebrate local farmers, fishermen, and butchers by using their produce in their dishes and their seasonal menus ensure that you’re eating the best and most fresh meals.

Similarly, the Lake District holds many food and drink specialties, including potted shrimp, sticky toffee pudding, Grasmere gingerbread, and Cumberland sausage, so you’ll never be short of a new local dish to try when you’re in the area.

Want to find out more about the Lake District? Read a beginner’s guide to the Lake District.

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Wedding in the Dominican Republic always attracts the attention of all romantics

Wedding Dominican Republic

From TOAST Occasions… What is far better than having the ability to join a romantic wedding with a joyous celebration? Ban and Katy produced a whole weekend at affair that started with a tiny tented wedding Friday night for 85 guests, followed with a significant river celebration on Saturday night to get 200 of the closest friends!

We adore making wedding weekends in Punta Cana which are filled with distinct events because every event makes it possible for the few to celebrate much more with their family and friends whilst making diverse and special settings to interact with The romantic wedding party on Friday had an equally refined and natural texture.

Elevated backyard elegance has been the total mood we’re going for this traditional tented wedding in Jellyfish Punta Cana restaurant.

Wedding Dominican Republic

We wished to play, and emphasize, the organic splendor of the region. The remainder of the decor has been delicate, yet refined, in the restaurant lighting into the white cake, decorated with blossoms. Our photographer in Punta Cana made a lot of wonderful pictures

Among the enjoyable and relaxed components we adored were the hors d’oeuvres. The wait staff passed things for guests to relish antique magnets. While it turned out to be a little detail, we adored it made more personality and appeal to the total sense of the day.

All of the flowery components were rather natural and loose, however had bright pops of color to pull on your own eye. Since we’re having numerous incidents over the duration of the weekend, then 1 place that people used to attract a cohesive sense to this weekend had been the flowery design. Amy Osaba’s group did a fantastic job bringing their daring, but baggy, flowery appearance to the blossoms at every event within the duration of the weekend.

Among our beloved floral elements was that the greenery canopy within Friday’s tent. It was a gorgeous and cohesive method to link the decor using the mountain environment. It was likewise a stunning means to underline the head table and then maintain the focus on the groom and bride!

The river celebration on Saturday was intended to feel somewhat more interesting and laid-back so that we took a more intelligent approach into this Saturday color scheme.

Among the very heartwarming moments of this weekend was once Ben’s sister read a letter in Ben’s late mom to him through a peek at the wedding

It had been really unique to be in a position to get double of everything on the duration of the weekend. Bailey had two dresses, a more traditional and timeless for Friday plus also a more bohemian style for Saturday. We have to play two place spaces and, like the photographs show, the opinions all weekend should happen to die for!

The costume was just one place where we could think beyond the box and then get creative because we had to add details about all of the weekend components. Each of the stationary items were attested to describe into the gorgeous scene of Lake Burton while sharing relevant weekend advice together with guests.

The photographer in Punta Cana will keep all the best moments of this day. These pictures will please you for many years.

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Wedding Photography Trends in PARIS (2017)


Weddings symbolize the unification of two souls as they commit to spending the rest of their lives with one another. The day goes by in a blur but the memories of that day remain preserved forever through pictures.

Wedding photography trends keep changing. The idea behind it is to keep pace with recent creative developments so you have more to offer to your clients. J. Leal –a photographer based in Paris, the city of love; has a passion for the arts, a keen eye for the perfect angles and a talent to capture the most emotional moments at just the right time. These are some of his many attributes as a wedding photographer. Here are some of the trends that are bound to take 2017 by storm.


1) Candid Moments

Photojournalistic event coverage has revolutionized wedding photography because many now gravitate towards more authentic observational photographs that capture intimate moments throughout the ceremony. J. Leal is a photojournalistic coverage enthusiast as evident from his work. To attain balance, we recommend a fair distribution of candid and posed photographs for the ceremony. So if you are looking for the best photographer in Paris (or, as we say in French: trouver le meilleure photographe à Paris), don’t hesitate to visit his site.

2) Throwback to Black & White

There is something so unique about Black & White photographs that make them so romantic and classic. It symbolizes eternal style and allows people to focus on nothing else but the moment being shared. Thus, the B&W shots should be reserved for just a limited number of incredibly intimate and beautiful moments. B&W photography is J. Leal’s area of expertise and with a location like Paris where the landscape and monuments like the Eiffel Tower serve as the most beautiful backdrop; your pictures are guaranteed going to look like a scene out of a 50s Hollywood classic.

3) Drone Videography

Drone footage adds a very cinematographic and artistic touch to a seemingly basic shot. It’s fresh and different and the videographer does not even have to physically go from person to person. The aerial view is beautiful and convenient and lets be real! We all fantasize our lives to look like the movies so why not?

4) The Return of Film Photography

After the groundbreaking impact that digital media left in our lives, we can’t help it but remember the good old days when pictures could be felt in our hands and could be there forever. Instant film camera use is on the rise along with various apps on phones to allow editing. J. Leal draws inspiration from the good old days so needless to say, they utilize the breathtaking beauty of Paris is their photos.

5) Natural Light and Strobe Photography

As much as we love the soft, muted, and natural hues offered by natural light photography, you need a few ethereal shots that you can hang in your future home. For that reason, photographers are now incorporating the sheer beauty of natural lighting with that of a flash to further help add dimension and carve out our focus.

Every moment, every glance, and every tear shed deserve to be captured and immortalized. Fortunately, all of these mentioned above are areas of expertise for J. Leal photography, they can provide you with all the ethereal, candid, and classic photographs you wish to have in your wedding album.

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How to Make an Impression at Your Wedding

Impression at Your Wedding

Most people want their wedding to be beautiful and memorable while planning each detail of the event. From the ceremony to the send-off, there are several moments that you can make special and unique. When you’re in the mood to have plenty of fun and impress your guests, there are a few important ways of making it a wedding to remember with the details that are included.

Impression at Your Wedding

Serve Unconventional Food

The food is one of the most important parts of the wedding and will determine how much your guests enjoy indulging in the options that are available while mingling. Instead of sticking with meat and potatoes, opt for alternative options that can be fun and unique. A barbecue is ideal for outdoor weddings that have a rustic or farmhouse theme with pulled pork sandwiches or ribs. You can also create a taco bar if you want a festive option that is lax but plenty delicious. For dessert, you can opt for a hot fudge sundae bar and skip the traditional cake.

Have a Fun Send-Off

The send-off that you have will allow your guests to gather around and wish you luck as you begin your new journey together as husband and wife. Although rice was traditionally used to throw at the happy couple as they exited the building, more people are getting creative to make for a fun detail of the party. You can use confetti, bubbles, and flower petals, which will make for beautiful photos. Those who have a formal wedding can pass out wedding sparklers before it’s time to leave in the getaway car. The lights will create a beautiful touch that looks romantic once the sun goes down. Beach weddings are considered the perfect place to use sky lanterns, which will make for a magical moment that brings all of your guests together.

DIY Aisle Runner

Make your aisle runner the focal point of the ceremony by writing scripture, poetry, or your vows on the material. Your guests will enjoy the romance of reading the words before you say, “I do.”

Fun Options at the Reception

Guests will ultimately remember your wedding by the amount of fun that they had during the event. Think outside of the box when it comes to offering them with unique options that they’ll enjoy when it’s time to let loose. Those who have outdoor weddings can consider having a bounce house for both the children and the adults. You can also hire a donut truck or a photo booth that is on-site throughout the night.

When you want to have a night to remember on your wedding day, there are several ways of incorporating glamorous details that are fun. Your guests will enjoy the unconventional options and dancing the night away.

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Do You Have These Glasses in Your Bar Glass Collection?

Some collect post stamps, some furniture, some empty bottles, some cans and the list goes on. There are also those who have a passion for collecting bar glasses. They collect shot glasses, wine glasses, cognac glasses, cocktail glasses, etc. but forget to add some very essential glasses to their collection.
Here is the list of bar glasses that you should not miss.


• Martini Glass: The curvy elegance, long and slender stem of martini glasses captivates the attention of your guest and blow life to your cocktail party.

• Beer Goblet: Serve your loved ones chilled beer in gorgeous short-stemmed beer goblets and woo them with their style and appeal.
• Whisky Glasses: Those of your friends and loved ones who are fond of whiskey, serve them their favorite drink in elegant whiskey glasses. If you are planning to purchase whiskey glasses online, make sure to select a trusted vendor that assures the quality of the glasses.
• Champagne Flute: Don’t let your guests sip champagne from those mundane glasses when you have an appealing option of the champagne flute. Add it to your bar glass collection and let it label you as the best host in town.
• Margarita Glasses: Escalate the fun quotient of your gathering when you serve in alluring margarita glasses. Along with amplifying the elegance of your collection, it also awestruck the onlookers.

If you are planning to shop online and wondering where you could find premium quality bar glasses online, UrbanDazzle is here to the rescue. It offers superior quality beer goblets, champagne flute, margarita glasses, martini glass, whiskey glasses online.

The affordable price, safe packaging, cash on delivery, free gift wrapping, 7-days easy return policy, free shipping, etc. options offered by UrbanDazzle makes the online shopping easy and convenient.

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4 Diwali gifts to illuminate the happiness of your family

Yes, finally that time has arrived when you would meet your friends, cousins, and distant relatives after a long gap of one year and again your home courtyard would illuminate with non-stop chirpings, lamps and diyas, sweets, and food. The best part about this festival of lights, Diwali is that you return to your tradition, rituals, and customs, in a fun filled way. The buzzing excitement of buying Diwali gifts for family to India keep us busy and we don’t stop until and unless we find the perfect gift for them. In the following paragraph, you can learn about some of the gift ideas that would be loved by your family members.



Artistic Diwali Candles and diyas

Our country is filled with creative minded artists and you can get an idea of that once you take a ride into the market. There are many designer diyas and candles that would be loved by your family members. The diyas and candles would really brighten up the ambience and remove all the dark corners of your life.


Barbie Dolls for kids

Kids love dolls for sure and to attach some layers of tradition to your Diwali gift, you can get the Diwali theme Barbie doll. This Barbie doll wears sari, dupatta, salwar, with traditional jewelry and bindi. Barbie doll has a huge fan following and they are loved by young as well as grown up girls. As a purpose of home décor, these dolls would be a great thing to have in your home.


Traditional Garments

Diwali is the time to rejoice with friends, family, and relatives and our biggest festival loves everything to be decorated with traditional colors. Gift for women folk can be a nice traditional sari like Silk, cotton silk, South Indian Kanchivaram, etc. You can also go for Bollywood style chiffon saris for enhancing the beauty of your girlfriend, wife, sister, etc. For the menfolk’s, you can go ahead with traditional kurta and a matching glittering broach for the same. An “Om” written T-shirt is also considered a good option for Diwali.


Sweet and dry fruits

Any religious festival like Diwali sees congregation of friends, relatives, and guests. In this occasion, sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kaju Barfi, Kaju Katli, Roshogolla, Doda Barfi, Coconut Barfi, etc. would be loved as a Diwali gift by all. Sweets make us happy because it is tasty and makes up for a perfect get together item on occasions. Along with sweets, include dry fruits like pistachios, cashews, raisins, almonds, and walnuts which are considered auspicious.


Get these fabulous Diwali gifts for family and have a great time with them.

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Tips for a fairy tale wedding


Spending your life with your soul mate means that your fairy tale already has a happy ending. Treasure and enjoy every moment you get to spend with your significant other. Still, if you want to show your friends and family how you feel, and share this wonderful experience with them, a fairy tale wedding can mark the beginning of your joint life perfectly.

Theme and venue

There are many kinds of fairy tales. Depending on the one you like most, you can choose your wedding theme and the appropriate wedding venue. Do you enjoy romantic stories about knights and princesses or do you prefer mythological stories? If you want to make a fairy tale the theme of your wedding, be inspired by your favorite story and incorporate it into this wonderful day.


That way you’ll be able to focus on the necessary décor, as well as finding a unique venue to compliment the theme, from grand manors and castles to romantic forest settings. On the other hand, your ideal fairy tale may have nothing to do with the Disney-like concept of love stories. In that case, pick a theme and a venue that both you and your future spouse will find personal, romantic and meaningful.


Pick the right dress

The wedding dress is very important. Start searching for the right one at least a couple of months before the wedding day. Let’s be honest – a dress that is just “Okay” maketh not the main character in a fairy tale. Be patient and don’t give up. Visit as many stores as you can. If there’s nothing you like in the shops, take your wedding business to a tailor.


Save the memories

You’ll definitely remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, but there’s no better way to relive the moments again and again than by having photo albums and video tapes to remind you of just how much fun you had and how happy you were on that day. Make these memories all the more fairy tale-like by hiring a professional, who would know how to set the mood and background, capture the most unique moments and provide you with high-quality wedding videography that will make you feel like you’re there again, every time you watch the footage.

Let there be spectacle

Traditional wedding activities are fine, but there’s never shortage of spectacles in a fairy tale. Therefore, start organizing your wedding in time so that you can enjoy the great setting with romantic lights and candles, have perfect music and an extraordinary wedding cake, experience the sunset and starry sky, and even end the perfect night with some fabulous fireworks. It’s all in preparation and if you can dream it, you can achieve it.


There are no definite rules when it comes to one’s fairy tale wedding. The key ingredient is undoubtedly sticking to your own ideas and going with anything that you and your future spouse would find the most appropriate, mesmerizing and romantic for your own love story.

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Clothing items you should no longer wear in your 30ies


How about the fact you’ve turned thirty a few months ago but you’re still absolutely unable to shake off the twenties vibe? We’ve all been there, doll… and the more you’re prolonging the face-off with reality, the harder (and more ridiculous) it gets. We say you grab your thirties by the horns and show the world what you’re made of! Naturally, this means adjusting most of your living habits to the big 3-0, but that’s okay. We’ll guide you through some of it – fashion no-nos, to be more precise – at least this time around.

Without any further ado, let’s dig into your closet and see what clothes you should immediately get rid of!

School girl plaid skirts

No matter how amazing your legs look, sporting a plaid skirt anywhere but the bedroom in one of your seductive games is a big no-no. Sure, 30s aren’t really THAT different than your 20s – in theory; in reality, the 30s are that moment in time when you are turning from a girl to a self-confident, respectful individual. Don’t let yourself look ridiculous, please.


Platform flip flops

No idea why you’ve been wearing those while still in your twenties, but hey – we all make mistakes; anyhow, as long you don’t keep repeating those mistakes, you are good to go. Platform flip flops are such fashion faux pas that there should be jail time sentenced to anyone who dares wear them. Your thirties? Definitely not the time to try them on!


Short shorts and mini skirts

We get you want to show off your hot pair of legs but we’d advise you kept your leg pride tied to the beach or the gym. While it was perfectly fine to go out in just your shorts and a T in your twenties, thirties are more serious than that. If you are really keen on showing what your mama gave you (or what hours at the gym have resulted in), wear a longer version of shorts, mid-thigh or just above the knee.

shot shorts

The same applies to miniskirts; you are no longer a 20-something girly who is on her seductive hunt for the guy. Instead of strutting the streets in a mini (and embarrassing yourself in the process), wear cocktail dresses that are age-appropriate but incredibly chic at the same time. Worn in interesting cuts and bold patterns, cocktail dresses are making a bigger statement about your sexiness than minis ever would.

Tutu skirts

We loved Carrie Bradshaw in her sweet little tutu, didn’t we? But, that was Carrie Bradshaw. You are no Carrie Bradshaw so forget all about tutu extravaganza, especially if you are living somewhere modest where fences are picket white and neighbors actually say “hello” to one another. If you love your tutu too much to donate it, wash it and stash it somewhere for your daughter to wear when she’s old enough.


Tights and spanx

No. Forget it. Worn anywhere other than the gym, these will look trashy and cheap, especially on a grown as* woman like yourself. Replace your tights and spanx with fitted jeans that emphasize your gorgeous figure – they’ll give you a youthful vibe while keeping things classy and appropriate.


Forget all about the stigma that 30 is old and that you’ll look younger if you are wearing “young pieces”. You WON’T. You’ll only look desperate, and that’s not what you want, right?

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5 big celebrities who rode a hoverboard

Everyone remembers Hoverboards are quite popular. And much of that reputation is because of Celebrities being found riding them.

Here’s a list of 5 big celebrities who rode hoverboards


Jamie Foxx is an America based movie actor, singer, songwriter, and an entertainer. Famously rolled a yellow hoverboard on his TV show on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. It was this single here (note: the yellow color seems to have been interrupted):

JAMIE FOXX hoverboard


Usain St. Leo Bolt is a Jamaican runner. Considered as the fastest human as light, he is the first man to hold both the hundred meters and 200 meters world records since completely automatic time displayed mandatory. Subsequent taking a soil nap caused by an off-road character balancing scooter (and an ungainly camera operator), Bolt wasn’t put away by the technology it looks.If you need Hoverboad you can buy from floatingboard.com

Usain Bolt arrives at Heathrow Airport from Beijing



Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian musician and songwriter. Towards a talent handler discovered him through his YouTube sounds covering songs in 2008. Like every of his Instagram fans surely acknowledge, Bieber is a big fan of hoverboards, having a few different kinds.

JUSTIN BIEBER hoverboard


Sonny John Moore, identified professionally as Skrillex, is an America based e-music producer, singer, and songwriter. We’re sure that work with Justin on his newest album is what turned Skrillex on to hoverboards. Sonny’s stood seen riding them more and more frequently.
And he even has the same color as Justin’s!



Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown is a singer based in America; He is a songwriter, dancer, and movie actor too. Born in Tappahannock, Chris was included in his church choir and various local talent plays from a young age. Chris has been seen cycling a hoverboard A set. He seems to like his self-balancing scooter.Here Black hoverboard on sale


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Fashion forecast 2017: 3 up and coming styles

2016 has been a great year for fashion with some really cool styles going on in the mainstream fashion arena as well as some edgy new styles seen on the catwalk in the later part of 2016.

If we look at the fashion forecast for 2016 (source: https://www.wgsn.com/blogs/trend-forecast-for-ss-2016-catwalk-season/) we can see that there were some cool styles predicted and most of them have been very popular. For example, there has been a lot of people wearing Victorian style clothing, floral designs have been very much in for 2016 and we have seen colours such as red, indigo and blush tones such as peach nougat showing popularity.

Fashion Styles

So as we move towards 2017 what are the up and coming trends that are going to be seen on the catwalk and in the high streets in 2017?

We have put together the top 5 styles that are currently on the up and that we predict as being very popular by Spring 2017.

1 – The smart jumpsuit

This is an outfit that has just about started to show up in fashionista circles in 2016 but will be extremely popular in 2017. The jumpsuit originated as the onesie and was seen much more as a comical outfit that should be worn indoors but was worn outside by a very small minority. However, this garment has now been refined into a form that is much more smart looking – the jumpsuit. We predict that in 2017 there will be all sorts of jumpsuits available in the high street clothing outlets and that they will be much more mainstream and accepted as smart wear.


2 – The wedgie

The wedgie is a type of jean that has become popular in the plus size fashion niche (source: http://plussizewomensclothing.org.uk/plus-size-jeans/) but we believe that in 2017 this will become a mainstream fashion as well. The wedgie is a style of jeans very similar to the high waisted trend that we have seen in 2016. Wedgie jeans are made to sit very high on the waist producing a wedgie like feel. This style of jeans is supposed to accentuate the wearers natural curves as well as pull up the buttocks.

3 – Rustic patterns

In 2016 we have seen that Victorian style designs have been very much in and this has included lots of floral designs. We predict that for 2017 this Victorian style will be refined into something more modern. This will come in the form of more rustic designs – lots of sands, umbers and other subtle colours will be used with a combination of floral and tribal like patterns to produce a modern equivalent of the Victorian look that we have seen in 2016.

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Fashion Accessories – Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is considered to be most elegant and feminine. Its soft designs and patterns can present a very graceful look. Our mothers and grandmothers used to have their own special jewelry pieces made up of silver. These pieces were passed on to us and then we flaunted it like our mothers used to do in their youth.

But now silver jewelry has taken up a very different stylish look and is on top of the fashion world being the most desired fashion accessory. Now you don’t just complete your look with a simple gown and small silver earrings along with a silver pendant. You pump up your entire look with hot and trendy sterling silver bracelets and big hoop earrings or adorn your gown with animal figured sterling silver brooch pin.


It is not just liked by the young college girls but Hollywood celebs as well. You can see now and then how they wear big turquoise sterling silver charm bracelets or a huge pendant with multiple silver chains to rev up their style factor. Whether it is Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, or Sir Elton John, they all love sterling silver jewelry in some form or other.

This is the thing about sterling silver, you can wear it in any form possible and with almost any attire, and it will look good like it is destined to be so.


Tooled Leather Wedding Ring: Emblazoned on an eco friendly recycled silver ring a floral tooled leather pattern, hand stamped into the wide band, evocative of tattoo art. By HappyGoLicky

Moreover sterling silver compliments jewelry designers as well. They can give any shape or size to their jewelry pieces and need not to worry about its breaking or being fragile. This is why, sterling silver rings have such delicate and exquisite patterns that now people have started wearing them as a wedding ring, and that cubic zircon stone just adds to its charm.

Silver jewelry by Fabio Pallanti, Maremma, Italy

Silver jewelry by Fabio Pallanti, Maremma, Italy

We all worry about our jewelry pieces getting dull and lose its shiny appearance. That’s the reason why most of us wear jewelry for some time and then take it off. But you can wear your sterling silver whole day for the whole week without worrying about its getting dull. It will become more lustrous with time.

Sima Gilady‘s personalized jewelry

Sima Gilady‘s personalized jewelry

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Selection Of The Skinny Jeans

A skinny jean is a jean for women, which effectively illustrating the long, thin and beautiful legs. Wearing skinny jeans shouldn’t be a complicated affair; there is really only one styling rule. Choose the ones you like best, and that fit you just like a second skin. Matching with the ankle boots, your legs can even make your legs looking slender. In this article, we will explain the selection of the skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Skinny jeans are fashion jeans end with small opening at the leg, snug fitting through legs. The skinny jeans have several names such as drain pipes, tight pants, stove pipes, etch. Since the skinny jeans have small openings at the end, wearing the fashion jeans at the first time shall have difficulties.

The purpose of wearing skinny jeans is to show the long and slender legs, illustrating one of the women characteristics. There is a wide variety of selections for the skinny jeans. Here we will explain several factors when buying the fashion jeans.


Selection of the colors is important to match with different occasion. For instance, if you are going to wear the fashion jeans on the street, blue jeans shall be the best option for you, which are handsome style. In addition, if you would like to wear the skinny jeans at the office, you are recommended to wear black jeans. In addition to the fashion, it can show certain degree of professional towards your colleagues and customers.

Most skinny jeans do not have accessories. Since the fashion jeans are designed to be tight, having the accessories might make the customers uncomfortable. On the other hand, some skinny jeans have zippers at the end of the leg. The zippers have practical purpose for users to pull the jeans over feet.
skinny1 skinny
Balmain Black Moto Skinny Jeans (right), Sandro Propos Jeans (left)

AG Skinny Jeans fall/winter

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Fashion Tips: Looking Slimmer In A Wedding Dress

Before you choose a wedding dresses, you agree to take time to know your body. Try to find all the areas that you take it. Next, you are looking for a designer. You have to tell you your requirements in order to show your figure perfectly. Of course, the designers know more details and styles of wedding and bridal gowns. Normally, A-line dress fits almost all the characters.

If the designer who designed your dress ready and you are very happy with it, now you can find a seamstress. You have to find a correct, they not only know your character, but also the diversity of the dress in comparison with the other clothes.

Another tip that you need to remember is that white is no color that can make you look slimmer, as black. White will increase your character more. Precisely for this reason you should avoid, obscure, with a heavy fabric your problem areas.

If you do not want an own designer and want to choose a dress, make sure you choose a dress with horizontal patterns with special vertical patterns because they are so look more narrow. A vertical line or pattern will give you a long silhouette.


A simple wedding will make you look fatter. The fat on your body should not be overstated. On your day, no matter what you do, you will be the most beautiful woman. A good decoration is that the petticoat adorned with beautiful draperies and decorative sparkling beads. So that you will look slim. Gowns with train are also good choices.

If we are talking about hiding the problem areas, we must also strengthen the improvement of good resources, is not it? If you have a good bust and waist, you should wear a corset dress. If you have good hips, wear a short wedding dress in order to emphasize this area even more and beautify.


To end but also very important is the right choice for your jewelry. If you have a short neck and round, you should wear long earrings to make your neck look longer in length. But a necklace makes your neck look short and fat. Do not worry! Less formal dresses can be as romantic as traditional wedding dresses. Most bridal salons and designers of wedding dresses uk offer “destination wedding dresses” that offer brides a special opportunity to present itself in a unique beach wedding. Shoes are also important. Would you really risk, stumbles through the heel on uneven sand when you walk along the path?

Even very low heels can be very risky, because sand is lumpy and unforgiving. Because you can try ballerina slippers, sandals or flip-plop fine instead if you opt for shoes. Many couples get married barefoot on the sand. They decided to get married on the beach, because you probably love open air. As long as you are aware that your wedding a slightly different place than a traditional church wedding, you should find a style that you and your wedding is beautiful fit. Because you can determine an impressive wedding.

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