Avoid Some Makeup Mistakes!

The best makeup application is the one that you barely even notice. The idea behind putting on makeup is to enhance one’s features, hide any flaws or blemishes, and make a person look younger, fresh and alert. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cake on the makeup to achieve this desired look. Here are some makeup mistakes that you absolutely want to avoid:

1. Dark lip liner against light lipstick. This classic 80′s look is one that really should have stayed in that era, yet you’ll still see some women walking around with gawdy dark lip liner surrounding much lighter lipstick. This is not a flattering look at all, and instead makes a woman look somewhat comic.

When choosing a lip liner, look for one that in a shade close to your natural lip color. Instead of just lining the outer part of your lips, color in your whole lip area, then apply a sheer gloss on top. For darker shades, make sure you fill in your lip area completely before applying a sheer gloss.


2. Artificially drawn-in eyebrows. For women who have once over plucked their eyebrows, or suffer from small bald patches throughout their brow line, the temptation to color them in is present. Adjusting these patches can be done properly, but there is also a wrong way to do it. Some women color their eyebrows in with such a dark, harsh color that their eyebrows stand out awkwardly. In addition, they draw their eyebrows with a very harsh line that is not properly blended in.

For more natural looking brows, dip an angled makeup brush into a brow powder of the appropriate color, and move the brush along the natural brow line, and extend it all the way to the edge of your eye. If your brows are really sparse, then make short, light strokes with a sharp brow pencil, then finish them off with the brow powder.


3. Clumpy mascara. Long, full, luscious lashes are one of the most coveted features for women. As such, many women try to achieve these beautiful lashes by applying way too much mascara. After the third or fourth coat, you risk going from gorgeous, long lashes to clumpy, messy looking eyes. This is not the look you want to achieve! To avoid this, follow these tips to perfect mascara application:

– Wipe the mascara wand against the edge of the tube before applying in order to remove any excess mascara that will inevitably clump on your lashes,

– Comb your lashes with an eyelash comb just before it dries to keep the lashes separate,

– Apply a second coat, then comb again.


4. Lining your eyelids only half-way. Although lining your entire lid from one end to the other in a strong, hard and defined line can make your eyes appear closer together, lining them only halfway can look a little ridiculous. Instead, line your eyes in a soft line, from the inner edge to the outer corner. In order to soften this line, smudge it lightly toward the inner edge with a sponge or q-tip for a more natural look.

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How To Properly Apply Eye Shadow?

The proper application of makeup takes practice and research in order to do properly. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly apply makeup and they end up taking away from their natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

One of the trickiest parts of the application of makeup to perform correctly is the application of eye shadow. There are two general ways in which you can apply eye shadow.

These ways are commonly called ’rounded’ and ‘winged’. The rounded look is best for some people while the winged look is best for other.

In general, the rounded look tends to look the best on the majority of women, but only experimentation with various colors in these two methods will determine which look is the best for you. In order to save time, apply one method to one eye and the other to the other eye.

It is possible that both methods could look equally striking on you. However, an examination of your eye can also indicate which method is the best for you.


For example, if there is very little room between the crease of your eyelid and your eye and between the crease of your eyelid and your eyebrow, you will want to use the winged shape. However, if there is significant sagging of the skin in that area, you will probably want to use the round shading.

To begin application of the rounded eye shading, spread a light color across your eyelid. This color should cover the area between the lash line to the eyebrow.

Then, use a medium colored eye shadow to color the eyelid. Apply a light amount of the same color under the bottom eyelashes, but be careful not to make it noticeable.

Then, use a darker or brighter color to draw attention to the outer corner of the eye lid. Be sure to blend the three colors well so that there are no stark lines.


After you have applied the color, you will want to line the lashes with an eyeliner pencil in the appropriate color. This is the most basic way to apply the rounded eye shading.
For a more advanced makeup look, only apply the medium colored eye shadow to the inner corner of the eyelid. Then, apply the darker or brighter color to the crease of the eyelid and on the outer corner and blend well.

The winged shape eye shading is also very easy to apply. Begin by using the light colored eye shadow to color the area between your lash line and your eyebrow.

Then, use the medium shade of eye shadow to color the eyelid. Take the brighter or darker color and color the outer corner of the eye and pull the color slightly out.

Be sure to blend well. Blending is the key to making the eye shadow look natural.


Many people forget this step and then their coloring looks very artificial. When you have properly blended the color you will want to apply eyeliner.

In general, the rounded type of shadowing is best for eyes that are hooded, surrounded by sagging skin, or deeply set in the face. Older women should generally use this method of coloring.

Most of the time, the wing type of shadowing will be best for those who are young with very little sagging around the eye, but deeply set eyes. The advanced method of rounded shading is ideal on prominent lids on younger women with deep set eyes.

The advanced method of wing shading is generally best for younger deep set eyes as well. With properly applied makeup, you will be able to find more self-confidence which will lead to greater success in your life.

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