Treat Dry, Brittle, Yellow Nails

Treat Dry, Brittle, Yellow Nails

If you are suffering from ragged yellow nails, there are some ways to get rid of them! It may be frustrating to see that no matter how much lotion or clear polish you use, they still look…ugly. Surprising, your diet has a lot to do with the outcome and health of your nails. By giving your body the proper nutrition it needs, you will notice a lot of great changes to your body, including your nails. You must keep the healthy diet consistent to nurture your entire body to health. In case you didn’t know, your nails show how healthy you are, so if you have dry, brittle, yellow nails – that goes to show ya!

Treat Dry, Brittle, Yellow Nails

For starters, you can begin by taking your vitamins. If you have nails that look unhealthy, it is possible that they are lacking the vitamins or minerals they need. B-complex vitamins are essential to supplying ridges along the nail bed. The dryness in your nails causes when there is a lack of calcium. Milk and dairy products can really make your bones and nails healthier! If your diet is lacking folic acid and vitamin C, it will cause unwanted hangnails. Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids that are missing can cause nails to crack and pit. When your nails are becoming thin and concave, this is due to iron deficiency. Then as you grow older, the sallow yellow color comes into play.

So as you can see, it is very important for you to treat your nails by treating yourself with a healthier diet. By just consuming the right amount of vitamins and minerals can add health and life to your hair, nails and skin. If you take a look at the color underneath your nails – they should be a healthy pink rosy color, a smooth and curved surface with a half moon – if you see white spots, dents, discoloration, lines, ridges and other abnormal features, these could be signs of a telltale…heart disease, anemia or diabetes. It is important that you consult with your doctor right away if you notice severe changes in your nails, such as in thickness, color or texture.

You should eat the following vitamins five times per day:

  • Vitamin C – oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits
  • Calcium – almonds, dark and green veggies and dairy
  • Vitamin B – kidney, fish and eggs (organ meat)
  • Folic acid – orange juice, whole grains and green veggies
  • Fatty acids – fatty fish, tuna, salmon, nuts and seeds

Your nails, like your skin and hair, indicate your health. If these aren’t looking and doing so great, then there’s something wrong internally. You should go down the checklist to determine what could possibly be wrong. You can consult with your physician to determine if your brittle yellow nails is a sign of a serious underlying condition.

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How using Epsom Salt Bath can provide you the benefits for your body skin

Epsom salt bath

So you are keen to know about how using Epsom Salt Bath can provide you the benefits for your body skin? In this post, you are likely to get all the latest information and answers to your queries.

As many of you know that the real importance of calcium and iron for the body is very essential. But have you ever thought about from where we get magnesium? It needs to clear that it is the most important element that human cells need in the form of Epsom salt bath. You have heard about so many baths from the spa and much more and had you ever think about even for a one second you will have a salt bath that can indeed help to give your body the right benefits including magnesium and also eliminate some harmful toxins as well.

Who would have thought that salt has some important properties rather than just using in meals? But it’s true. Epsom salt has the amazing health benefits that can distress and most importantly detoxify your entire body. If you are feeling tired and can’t do anything physical, then you might want to experience it at first hand.

Epsom salt bath

Having said this we have now below listed some real facts about how using Epsom salt bath can provide you the benefits for your body skin to help you understand what exactly is Epsom salt, how does it work, which are the health benefits you will get from it, and can it enhance your beauty.

  • What exactly is Epsom salt?

For many of you who don’t know that Epsom salt is a bitter saline which has natural properties of sulfate and magnesium and also known to be the perfect remedy to provide you the health benefits in many ways like, for gardening, household, and beauty as well. Studies have shown that magnesium absorbed by the skin and the only way to take it by having a salt bath.

  • How does it work?

To use ‘’Epsom salt foot bath,’’ you first need to learn about its salt properties and then apply it. Follow these steps,

1) Fill the tub with half pour of Epsom salt and mix it in warm water until its shows the fragrance

2) Now enter in the tub and rub all your skin with this salt and you will feel it’s fresh and smooth exfoliation

3) You will see it will make your muscles relax and try not to take it long and use the salt bath for 20 minutes.

  • Which are the health benefits you will get from it?

There are so many health benefits you will get from it that can soothe your mind and body here are some of them,

  1. A) Relax the body
  2. B) Relieve muscle and pain cramps
  3. C) Eliminate the toxins from the body
  4. D) Prevent hardening the blood clots –
  • Can it enhance your beauty?

All the women will be surprised to see the Epsom salt bath benefits as it can really enhance your beauty from removing the dead cells, and is a face cleanser as well.

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Stay pretty and stylish despite being busy

permanent_makeup eyebrows

In a world of great expectations, constantly missed deadlines, overpopulated countries and trains that never arrive on time, it’s a true wonder to be alive and successful.

For all of us girls who are used to keeping their lives in order, killing it on the business front and looking fabulous while doing it, it’s a constant battle managing to do it all, isn’t it?

Still, being the lionesses of the modern jungle, we know how to do stuff right. Personally, I’ve made so many things happen by simply relying on my persistence, decisiveness and focus that sometimes I feel like there’s not a thing in this world I can’t do. I bet you feel the same. But hey – everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.

Girls envy one another, women – support each other.
In that manner, from one woman to another, I am giving you some amazing tips that will help you stay on top of your fashion and beauty regimens and, at the same time, won’t interfere with your busy calendar.

Maintain a routine

Research shows our brains run faster and more productively when we live a routine-basedlife; while the word “routine” does sound a bit dull and uninspiring, truth is – there’s nothing as amazing as staying focused on it. Why? First, you are saving time on repeated planning of the drill for the next day. If you already know what steps you’ll be taking and in what order after you wake up, you’ve saved yourself at least an hour planning things for the day. Second, you are getting more done. Third, you’re keeping yourself happy by repeating things that are encouraging your emotional and psychological joy. It’s wonderful!

Shop online

Shopping online is the perfect way to save time browsing through the stores in your home city. Plus, you are more likely to find cuts and fashion that hasn’t still arrived in the local boutiques and stun everyone wherever you show up. From fabulous dresses online to skirts, pants, shoes and accessories, you can find virtually anything you want simply by typing in a few keywords. And guess what? You can do all of the purchasing on your 20-minute lunch break. How freaking amazing is that?!


Long lasting regimens

For those of us who are wearing makeup on regular basis, doing makeup is such a waste of time – yet a necessity. Let’s all thank the beauty industry for coming up with the amazingness that is permanent makeup! I strongly recommend it.

permanent_makeup eyebrows

Darkening your eyebrows every morning prior to leaving the house can be frustrating, too as not only the brows may end up looking weirdly uneven but you’ll waste at least 30 minutes doing it.

I’ve got my lips done with permanent makeup and I had my eyebrows done in Japanese tattoo. Since undergoing these treatments it’s taking me 10 minutes to get ready for work and I always look fab (I know, I am not supposed to say that about myself – but it’s true).

Go waxing regularly (or go to a laser hair removal treatment) instead of wasting time shaving, straighten out your curls doing permanent hair treatments instead of spending at least an hour with a hair straightener in your hand (and risking burns on the face). When you’ve got the time – squeeze in a facial; it’ll keep your skin looking fresh, young and glowing.


What’s very important in this “permanent regimens” drill is to have people you trust around you; it’s such a bliss going to your cosmetician without saying a little prayer first, hoping she won’t scar your face (or the rest of your skin) for life.

Ask for help

If you’re well aware you simply can’t manage to do some stuff around the house, I am sure you won’t be doing them anyhow at a cost of missing a deadline at work or leaving the house looking… well, unattractive. If your budget allows it, hire help that would come in once or twice a week and tidy things up. This will save you an immense amount of time and you’ll have a sparkling home to come to. If, however, your budget doesn’t allow such (supposed) extravagance, ask your partner, a friend, your mother, mother-in-law, or whoever you trust to help out from time to time; they should be more than happy to assist you in need.

Good luck, dolls… keep on killin’ it!

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Tips for Achieving the Ideal Feminine Body Type


We all used to drool over Kate Moss and her skinny frame, didn’t we? The woman set a new ideal of beauty and made an even skinner statement than Twiggy did.Her infamous quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” raised more than a few eyebrows and called for a public discussion concerning young girls starving themselves slender/skinny, hoping they’ll resemble Ms Kate even a little. What Kate did so effortlessly, millions of girls out there were killing themselves for (some of them, unfortunately, literally as a result of anorexia and bulimia) and all for what? To learn, just a few decades after, that an hourglass shape will never get overthrown by a skinny banana-figure. So sad.


Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to set an hourglass as trending; then came Kate Moss (but we already talked about that), and then – Kim Kardashian happened. At the time when Paris Hilton figure-like girls dominated the scene, a curvaceous Kardashian walked the red carpet and the world stopped for a moment. How dared she have curves at the time when it was unacceptable to look like nothing else but a lollypop or a banana! But she did dare; and, owing to that – we now have an army of girls celebrating their curves and priding on their hourglass gorgeousness.

For all of you chicas who are looking to give your narrow figure a little hip and booty, or simply enhance what your mama gave you, we’re giving you a few helpful tips to stir you in the right direction.

Cheat your way to a sexier shape with proper nutrition

All the hours at the gym mean nothing unless you are eating right. You can never out-train a bad diet, with your body still storing fat unless proper foods are consumed.


You don’t necessarily need to choose low calorie foods.Rather opt for high-quality meals filled with veggies, proteins healthy fats and fibers. Further, to lose weight and promote your hourglass shape, you should quit sugar altogether, as well as all the drinks that are sugar-based. The same goes for deep-fried foods and processed sugars and fats. Eat fiber foods as they’ll promote digestion and help you get rid of the toxins in your body. Consuming a lot of water is key, too – especially for the girls who want to get rid of the extras on their waist.

Move for an hourglass figure

Once you hit the gym, focus on the exercises that will attack the parts of your body which store the most fluids and fat, and work on slimming those parts down. Tighten and tone your way to a curvy, sexy body by doing side plank lifts, plank with hip drop, twisting v-up, side plank with leg lift, and plank with leg kick.Obviously, by doing super powerful exercises for glutes, you’ll give them a plump, round shape (nobody enjoys a pancake butt, sorry!).


Consider surgical help

Are we still getting shocked that people are turning to cosmetic surgery for help when it comes to “repairing” things they don’t like about themselves? Well, we shouldn’t. Surgeons are there to help us feel better about ourselves by working on our body/face with utmost care and knowledge.

Chasing after a perfect body shape, most girls are undergoing breast augmentation surgery, liposuction (especially around the waist) and buttocks enhancement. Fat grafting procedures where fat is “transplanted” from one part of the body to the other are common, too.

Experts in breast augmentation from Sydney agree that there indeed are patients who get addicted to surgical procedures but that’s something an experienced and qualified surgeon knows how to detect and deflect.

Rely on body shapers

These days, there’s rarely a girl out there who doesn’t own a pair of shapers that tighten her up in all the right places, smooth out bumps, enhance all the right parts and slim down all that need slimming. While back in the Victorian era, corsets and shapers seriously endangered women’s health (women, at the time, suffered from problems with breathing, internal bleeding and pressed organ damage, not to mention scaring on the surface of the skin), these days – corsets and other shapers are made of natural materials and are super safe. So, wearing a shaper can only do some visual good for your figure.

Enjoy your sexy body and follow our advice to enhance all that gorgeousness.


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Top 5 amazing UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 you can choose to rock your night

Description: looking for top 5 amazing UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 so you can rock all your night? Here you will get the idea about your hairstyles doubts and queries relevantly.


It seems that prom nights are the perfect chance to show your hairstyles in front of all your class mates because you get an opportunity which you don’t get in your classroom to show how much beautiful you look. As you can see every year the trend is changing and you won’t have to worry about the party and theme. Some girls might wonder which outfit they want to wear that can match with their hairstyles for the special event. You have to look elegant and fashionable and your hair can play a very important role in it as well.

An average high school girl only knows how to make UPDOS for long hair and she can’t go with the same hairstyle in the prom night to get booed again and feel embarrassed. You don’t need to worry about this call for a new change where your average hairstyle remains the same and only a few things can make the big difference.

long hair

That is why below we have listed some real facts about top 5 amazing UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 you can choose to rock your night to help you understand how much the trend has changed for all the young ladies to look classy and bold, and why these new hairstyle in UPDOS you need to consider in the first place.

1) Braided tangled crown UPDO:

So you want to look amazing then you should try this hairstyle, braids make a perfect thing for dancing, creating a look with extra texture. After making an UPDO then wrap the hair into it looking like a crown and then use bobby pin and hair spray to hold it. You also need on Christmas day.

2) Upside down brain bun UPDO:

When a prom night is concern you always need to embrace the opportunity and experiment with your hair. Take a section of your hair and round into a bun, in that that your long hair won’t be a matter makes you attractive in every way possible.

3) Big curly UPDO style:

If you have curls then it doesn’t matter, you can achieve a greater style by undone the braided bun and make a big curly UPDO, your long hair can give an edge in that particular segment. It makes you look cute and modern at the same time.

4) Straight floral curled UPDO:

Mostly UPDOS for long hair for prom 2016 goes this might can give you the shape. First make an UPDO and then lose all the hair from sides and spread them in little strands making like curled. You can wear a flower band to make it more fascinating.

5) Lower pearled UPDO style:

If you are in the hunt for a prom hairstyle, then this UPDO will give you a thick and stunning look. Get rid of the lower bun and turn it into a pearled braid and usually mix them together and attach little flower balls in it for shine.

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Avoid Some Makeup Mistakes!

The best makeup application is the one that you barely even notice. The idea behind putting on makeup is to enhance one’s features, hide any flaws or blemishes, and make a person look younger, fresh and alert. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cake on the makeup to achieve this desired look. Here are some makeup mistakes that you absolutely want to avoid:

1. Dark lip liner against light lipstick. This classic 80′s look is one that really should have stayed in that era, yet you’ll still see some women walking around with gawdy dark lip liner surrounding much lighter lipstick. This is not a flattering look at all, and instead makes a woman look somewhat comic.

When choosing a lip liner, look for one that in a shade close to your natural lip color. Instead of just lining the outer part of your lips, color in your whole lip area, then apply a sheer gloss on top. For darker shades, make sure you fill in your lip area completely before applying a sheer gloss.


2. Artificially drawn-in eyebrows. For women who have once over plucked their eyebrows, or suffer from small bald patches throughout their brow line, the temptation to color them in is present. Adjusting these patches can be done properly, but there is also a wrong way to do it. Some women color their eyebrows in with such a dark, harsh color that their eyebrows stand out awkwardly. In addition, they draw their eyebrows with a very harsh line that is not properly blended in.

For more natural looking brows, dip an angled makeup brush into a brow powder of the appropriate color, and move the brush along the natural brow line, and extend it all the way to the edge of your eye. If your brows are really sparse, then make short, light strokes with a sharp brow pencil, then finish them off with the brow powder.


3. Clumpy mascara. Long, full, luscious lashes are one of the most coveted features for women. As such, many women try to achieve these beautiful lashes by applying way too much mascara. After the third or fourth coat, you risk going from gorgeous, long lashes to clumpy, messy looking eyes. This is not the look you want to achieve! To avoid this, follow these tips to perfect mascara application:

– Wipe the mascara wand against the edge of the tube before applying in order to remove any excess mascara that will inevitably clump on your lashes,

– Comb your lashes with an eyelash comb just before it dries to keep the lashes separate,

– Apply a second coat, then comb again.


4. Lining your eyelids only half-way. Although lining your entire lid from one end to the other in a strong, hard and defined line can make your eyes appear closer together, lining them only halfway can look a little ridiculous. Instead, line your eyes in a soft line, from the inner edge to the outer corner. In order to soften this line, smudge it lightly toward the inner edge with a sponge or q-tip for a more natural look.

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How To Properly Apply Eye Shadow?

The proper application of makeup takes practice and research in order to do properly. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly apply makeup and they end up taking away from their natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

One of the trickiest parts of the application of makeup to perform correctly is the application of eye shadow. There are two general ways in which you can apply eye shadow.

These ways are commonly called ’rounded’ and ‘winged’. The rounded look is best for some people while the winged look is best for other.

In general, the rounded look tends to look the best on the majority of women, but only experimentation with various colors in these two methods will determine which look is the best for you. In order to save time, apply one method to one eye and the other to the other eye.

It is possible that both methods could look equally striking on you. However, an examination of your eye can also indicate which method is the best for you.


For example, if there is very little room between the crease of your eyelid and your eye and between the crease of your eyelid and your eyebrow, you will want to use the winged shape. However, if there is significant sagging of the skin in that area, you will probably want to use the round shading.

To begin application of the rounded eye shading, spread a light color across your eyelid. This color should cover the area between the lash line to the eyebrow.

Then, use a medium colored eye shadow to color the eyelid. Apply a light amount of the same color under the bottom eyelashes, but be careful not to make it noticeable.

Then, use a darker or brighter color to draw attention to the outer corner of the eye lid. Be sure to blend the three colors well so that there are no stark lines.


After you have applied the color, you will want to line the lashes with an eyeliner pencil in the appropriate color. This is the most basic way to apply the rounded eye shading.
For a more advanced makeup look, only apply the medium colored eye shadow to the inner corner of the eyelid. Then, apply the darker or brighter color to the crease of the eyelid and on the outer corner and blend well.

The winged shape eye shading is also very easy to apply. Begin by using the light colored eye shadow to color the area between your lash line and your eyebrow.

Then, use the medium shade of eye shadow to color the eyelid. Take the brighter or darker color and color the outer corner of the eye and pull the color slightly out.

Be sure to blend well. Blending is the key to making the eye shadow look natural.


Many people forget this step and then their coloring looks very artificial. When you have properly blended the color you will want to apply eyeliner.

In general, the rounded type of shadowing is best for eyes that are hooded, surrounded by sagging skin, or deeply set in the face. Older women should generally use this method of coloring.

Most of the time, the wing type of shadowing will be best for those who are young with very little sagging around the eye, but deeply set eyes. The advanced method of rounded shading is ideal on prominent lids on younger women with deep set eyes.

The advanced method of wing shading is generally best for younger deep set eyes as well. With properly applied makeup, you will be able to find more self-confidence which will lead to greater success in your life.

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