Everyone remembers Hoverboards are quite popular. And much of that reputation is because of Celebrities being found riding them.

Here’s a list of 5 big celebrities who rode hoverboards


Jamie Foxx is an America based movie actor, singer, songwriter, and an entertainer. Famously rolled a yellow hoverboard on his TV show on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. It was this single here (note: the yellow color seems to have been interrupted):

JAMIE FOXX hoverboard


Usain St. Leo Bolt is a Jamaican runner. Considered as the fastest human as light, he is the first man to hold both the hundred meters and 200 meters world records since completely automatic time displayed mandatory. Subsequent taking a soil nap caused by an off-road character balancing scooter (and an ungainly camera operator), Bolt wasn’t put away by the technology it looks.If you need Hoverboad you can buy from floatingboard.com

Usain Bolt arrives at Heathrow Airport from Beijing



Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian musician and songwriter. Towards a talent handler discovered him through his YouTube sounds covering songs in 2008. Like every of his Instagram fans surely acknowledge, Bieber is a big fan of hoverboards, having a few different kinds.

JUSTIN BIEBER hoverboard


Sonny John Moore, identified professionally as Skrillex, is an America based e-music producer, singer, and songwriter. We’re sure that work with Justin on his newest album is what turned Skrillex on to hoverboards. Sonny’s stood seen riding them more and more frequently.
And he even has the same color as Justin’s!



Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown is a singer based in America; He is a songwriter, dancer, and movie actor too. Born in Tappahannock, Chris was included in his church choir and various local talent plays from a young age. Chris has been seen cycling a hoverboard A set. He seems to like his self-balancing scooter.Here Black hoverboard on sale


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